Double Bay Marina Questions and Answers

How many berths and moorings in total are there?
45 fixed berths and 20 swing moorings.

Do all berths have electricity?

Is the electricity metered?
Not currently

Do all berths have potable water?

Is the water metered?
Not currently

What sizes berth are there available?
15.5 Metre Monohull
13 Metre Monohull
11 Metre Monohull
10 Metre Monohull
8 Metre Monohull

What sizes are available on swing moorings?
From 6 to 25 meter boats.

What form of title do I get when I purchase a berth?
Company title ownership in the business.

Is the Marina under Crown Lease?
Yes the marina berths and moorings are under lease from NSW Maritime for 40 years but the land to the High Water Mark is owned by the marina and therefore the lease cannot be tendered out to the public. It is an assured lease.

Are body corporate or owner levy fees payable?
Yes body corporate fees are payable according to the size of your berth. Contact the manger for details.

Is there a manager looking after the Marina?
Yes, there is a Marina Manager based in the Marina itself. The Manager is designated by the board of directors e and takes care of day to day affairs at the Marina, work shop and slipway.

What security is provided for my boat?
24 hour camera security, plus nightly marina walk-throughs and drive through by our tender boat on the moorings . This is conducted by our in house care taker that works from 9 pm to 7 am . The marina is gated by swipe cards to add extra security.

Is car parking provided onsite?
No, but there is public parking at Cross St car park in Double Bay which is 260 meters or a short 2 minute walk from the marina. Two hour on street parking is available 7 days a week.

Are there bathroom facilities on site?
Yes hot showers and toilets are available on the southern end of the Marina.

Will the Marina Manager rent my marina berth on my behalf?
Yes at a 15% letting fee. Most berths are owner occupied and only a hand full are rented out.

Are there peak periods for rental like apartments?
Normally rentals are yearly but there is a slight increase in demand over the summer months.

Do I have to rent the berth through the Marina Manager?
Yes, all rentals must be controlled by the manager.

How deep is the Marina?
3 metres at low tide at the end of the T head and 1 meter closer in to shore

If I rent a berth or a mooring do i have to pay a bond?
Yes, all rentals are bonded with a one months holding bond. Rents are paid 3 months in advance and by standing order or credit card.

How do i get to my boat on a swing mooring?
We run a tender service on the hour during the week and on the half hour on the weekends. Tender times run from 9 am to 5 pm in winter and from 9 am to 6 pm in summer.

Can you slip my boat at the marina?
Yes we offer our members full services for their boats. This extends to slipping, antifoul, shipwright and mechanical services. Full rates are listed on our website.

Can the marina care for and sell my boat if necessary?
We run a workshop and boat care facility that can detail, manage and even skipper your boat. If its time to upgrade or sell your boat, our brokerage can list, market and sell your boat for you.
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