About Us

Double Bay Marina was one of the first waterfront marinas located in the Eastern Suburbs.

In 1910 a fixed jetty area existed to service boats and supplies. In 1936 Mr E. Messinger purchased the land and extended the jetty area which was leased the  from the Maritime Services authority. In 1944 he leased the cottage and business to Mr Ireland and  in 1948 the Messenger family took over the cottage and business and by 1963 the facility consisted of 40 berths, 72 swing moorings, a harbour side workshop and slip way.

In 1983 a group comprising some of the current shareholders acquired the freehold and the Double Bay Marina facilities. At that time the whole area was in a very dilapidated condition. All the existing structures  were demolished and a major refurbishment of the whole area completed including extension of the marina, office, workshop, toilets and a private residence were constructed on the land and the adjacent maritime leased land.

At the time of this redevelopment the new owners  relinquished 47 moorings to reduce congestion in the bay. Unique to Sydney at that time, the marina complex including the residential property was sold to the general boating public in a "company title" structure.
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